A music streaming service for the rest of us.

The POLR is a proposed framework for a non-profit alternative to the commercial streaming music services, that provides direct A2A connections between Artists and their Appreciators.

We at the POLR believe that if we create a new system for experiencing music that is built around a neutral, non profit entity, it will have the opportunity to truly scale globally. The sole purpose is to provide The Path Of Least Resistance between the artist and their appreciators. This means creating a subscription based system that provides virtually 100 percent direct payments between fan and artist.

The architecture of the POLR will enable previously unimaginable direct A2A connections providing a new marketplace for artist and appreciator alike.

Streaming music has changed the music industry forever. As artists and fans, let’s grab control of this new paradigm and build it for ourselves. We have the technology, we just need to work together.

Please take the time to check out the info on this site and if inspired, get involved!

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