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A new model for a 21st century music industry.

We need a new music industry built on the latest technology of the internet, not the latest technology of the internet held back by an old music industry.


As we approach the third decade of the century, we are finally witnessing the music industry officially move away from a product model to a service model with the advent of music streaming services. It’s hard to over emphasize what a game changer this development really is.

Like other periods of great change,  a few elements meet together at the same point to create a potentially historic paradigm shift:

1    The shift from selling downloads to subscription based streaming, making distribution costs virtually zero

2    The erosion of the 3 pillars of control (production, distribution, and marketing), fostering a rise in internationally successful artists that own their own content

3    The rapid rise in a new generation of software developers interested in distributed and decentralized computing

4    New, unowned low friction autonomous micropayment options that open up global exchange, and open up a potential for a new global music industry resistant to territorial restrictions

The result of this convergence has created a portal of opportunity in our potential future to create a completely new, global digital music industry that is built around direct Appreciator to Artist (A2A) connections. We can build The POLR, as a neutral, non-profit, open source system, enabling the path of least resistance between Appreciator and Artist, and in the process right so many wrongs that have occurred in the century long history of recorded music.