Category: Chartbox 1 – Artist / Composer

Where it all begins

The architecture of the POLR revolves around empowering the direct A2A (Appreciator to Artist) relationship. Therefore I propose creating an architecture that makes payments to the Artist who is responsible for the creation of the recording, the Composer who is responsible for the the creation of the composition and the Appreciator who brings value to the system. Any other stakeholders that the artist is in a contractual relationship with will receive their percentage autonomously via the software.

A 21st century music industry has the potential to use the evolution of technology and norms to dissolve many of the last’s century’s intermediaries.

Together, we have the potential to profoundly change the music industry by starting over. This time, we can put the power into the artists’ hands, and form communities where artists and their appreciators can benefit from new symbiotic relationships.