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Track ID

Once the Artist / Composer becomes a member of the POLR, and the POLR is satisfied that they are in fact the creator / composer of the work, the artist / composer can then upload their work to the POLR. There will be various levels of quality represented, both compressed and uncompressed, as well as the ability to upload the “official” video representation of the song.

Open source song identification and fingerprinting will be employed, and / or blockchain technology that ensures proper connection between song and creator / composer.

Therefore, through the architecture of the POLR, the only version(s) of the creator’s work, will be those uploaded and endorsed by the creator themselves.

This article explains the potential of blockchain technology to control digital assets:

” If you’re a creator or owner of digital assets, imagine if you could link these assets to the blockchain, binding your ownership (or rights) in irrevocable ways that cannot be undone unless you decide to transfer or sell them. And it’s all within your own control, not someone else’s.

In essence, you would be creating a “smart property,” which is an asset or thing that knows who owns it. The blockchain can be used as an auditable database linked to your cryptographic signature, and your smart property becomes linked to a unique digital fingerprint based on its content. Now imagine the portability, flexibility and discoverability aspects that accompany these capabilities, and that becomes a great lubricator for decentralized peer-to-peer trading and commerce.

Looking further to the future, it is possible to envision increasing sophistication in the realm of song id and spectral mapping whereupon an artist can sample another artist’s work and use it in their creation, and the originator of the sample would receive a portion of monies earned.

It is also exciting to imagine the possibilities of Appreciator remixes of their favourite artists. The architecture of the POLR would ensure that the original creator as well as the new remixer would get compensated.