Category: Chartbox 9 – User Controlled Social Networking

Social Networking that puts the user in control of their data

Upon signing up for the POLR, each member, (appreciator and artist alike), will be prompted to create their own page or microsite. The artist / composer page will represent themselves and their art. Appreciators and other artists will view their page to see and hear the latest music, view the latest news, see touring info, pretty much most of what one would expect from an artist’s website. The pages will also allow for new types of connections to form between artist and appreciator that could lead to symbiotic income opportunities.

As an Appreciator, you will be able to list your favourite artists, create playlists, remix using artist stems, meet other fans and provide services that others on the POLR could make use of. An Appreciator is respected on the POLR as a vital member of the community rather than a passive fan. The architecture of the POLR encourages Appreciators to engage.

Unlike the owned social networking services which rely on freely accessing and gaining ownership of your data in order to sell to advertisers (or whatever other entity is willing to pay), the POLR’s social networking component will be open source and decentralized, and the user will be in control of their data and privacy settings.

In addition, much of your data could have a value to the system and therefore you will have the potential to earn income for the service you provide to the system.

See the exciting developments in this regard at Synereo.