Category: Chartbox 10 – Autonomous micropayments

Direct payments between Artist and Appreciator – no intermediaries!

Because funds in the POLR will be distributed via a cryptocurrency, autonomous, secure micropayments can be made virtually in real time with no transaction cost.

In regards to the payments calculated from the monthly subscription model, distribution will be calculated based on direct individual usage rather than an aggregated pool. This article explains the difference. It is a much more accurate method based on what was listened to that will foster the potential for a middle class of artist / composers. Here’s another article. And another.

The POLR is much more than monies distributed based on the streaming model.

It will evolve a thriving A2A marketplace for the music industry, that, due to it’s architecture, will always be in support of the creators and their relationship with their appreciators.

The possibilities are vast when one stops to think about it: micropayment based crowdfunding 2.0 potential, grass roots promotional services developed by innovative fans, targeted tours with pre-booked ticket sales, house concerts set up by appreciators, artist accommodations while on tour, studio / gig catering, live streamed virtual reality concerts………

The one thing we can be sure of, whatever comes from this new music industry marketplace is beyond our wildest imagination. Though no one makes a profit from the system itself, the potential is there for a robust marketplace that revolves around the love of music.