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The Path of Least Resistance

The POLR is proposal for an unowned, open source music streaming and social networking system. The goal is to utilize the latest in technology and societal norms to create an architecture that provides the path of least resistance between the Appreciator and the Artist: direct A2A connections. As the music industry moves to streaming as the delivery model for recorded musical creations, we have an unprecedented opportunity to start a new music industry from the ground up.

The current music industry is rife with problems. A vast majority of these problems are a result of the attempt to inject a century’s worth of intermediary friction onto a system of delivery (the internet)  that by it’s design, naturally wants to reject much of that friction.

Currently the POLR is a proposal for an open source initiative that attempts to link various technologies that are currently developed or soon to be developed. A call out to anyone who wants to help build an unowned, open, transparent system that will form a new music industry built from the ground up to work with the internet. Like the world wide web, no one will make a profit from the system itself, but a great many different entities will make money from using the system.

The intention is that most of the system will operate autonomously, but, like the web, a non-profit body will have to be formed to provide the wisdom and guidance to maintain the focus as things develop. The focus will always be to serve, grow and foster the direct A2A relationship by providing the Path Of Least Resistance between the Appreciator and the Artist.