Category: How it Works

The system involves Artists / Composers and Appreciators alike signing up for the service by giving their financial information and verifying their identity, much like any commercial streaming service. It would be based on the now familiar monthly subscription model with a few differences.

Once they become a member, Artists / Composers can fill in a form that includes all the metadata surrounding the track, similar to registering a song with a Performing Rights Organization and then upload their songs to the POLR’s P2P streaming distributed cloud component. (Layers of trust metrics and blockchain id verification will be employed to prevent gaming the system).

Their music is then part of the POLR and can be streamed by any member.

The member also creates their own page, similar to many current social networking apps, however because the POLR’s social networking component is unowned, no corporation can exploit personal data, the data is instead controlled by the individual member.

Here’s a chart defining the architecture of the POLR. (Apologies to programmers for the improper symbol convention).¬†Pink=music, green=money, gold=communication

Click on each box for more detail.